I was just on Telegram and someone posted this clip of a young lady in Israel and the outright tyranny that's happening there. Take a listen...............

Some may think this can't happen here. Oh no?? Get a load of this story and you tell me when you think enough's ENOUGH!

As I mentioned in an earlier post......until folks start growing a spine and start saying NO to this kind of nonsense/harassment, it'll keep happening. I'm gonna keep driving this point---it starts with NOT wearing those stupid, useless masks. If enough people would have rejected that to begin with, I wouldn't be posting a story like this above. States are starting to reject that mandate, but what will the next bit of nonsense be? Strip searches?

Q has posted in the past (I know some don't care for Q.........too bad, I'm making a point) that we need to be taken to the precipice. Just getting angry doesn't cut it. TAKING ACTION in the form of simply saying NO is just for starters. Afraid? Start seeking out those who are NOT afraid, get together and make waves. We know there's power in numbers. What will these sports arenas and theaters do when VERY FEW show up?

They'll go out of business.

Message sent!

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