Just made a response to a member about why things may seem to be dragging out as time goes on. I can give you my take on what's happening and I've heard this from other well known patriots out there and it's not far fetched at all. Folks, COVID needs to be TOTALLY out of our lives before POTUS makes his comeback.

WHY?? Because by keeping himself out of the picture, the DS (who think they're really in control) will let COVID die a "natural death" and pretend like it never existed. Look no further than how quickly they changed up very shortly after Biden was inaugurated. Look how quickly they want to open up businesses and schools. The states are now opening up.

You think this would be the case if POTUS had won? You can bet a million bucks that the MSM and the corrupt Governors would still be pushing with all they've got. Look how you're still seeing people afraid with those stupid masks on. Look how you see some wearing them in their CARS let alone outside in the fresh air.

Once we can get rid of the FEAR, it'll be much easier for POTUS to step back into the public eye and guess what?? They're going to have a VERY difficult time "reviving" this virus. They can try, but they would have no edge due to the FEAR FACTOR now being gone.

Just my 2¢ worth.

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