How did we get to be in such a mess. I will tell you why. It begins with our education system. The government controls the education system. The federal government education department needs to be disbanded. The teachers union need to be done away with. Many of the teachers have become socialists and are putting socialist ideas in the heads of our children

In addition to that, when our children go to college, they are taught by socialist professors. The students then want the socialist agendas because they want free stuff. They think they should get free food, free housing, free education, and the tax payers should pay for it. It is the redistribution of wealth that the socialists want. For the most part it is a give me give me give me mind set. The colleges are corrupt.

These students are voters and they will vote for the likes if Biden. I have run onto seniors who will vote that way too because they were too lazy to research and find out about these politicians. They simply don't know any better. They liked the way the slick tongued politician talked.

Of course, when you have these kinds of voters plus fraudulent elections on top of that, we get the socialists and corrupt politicians winning elections. Elections should be done by in person paper ballots only. That way all potential fraud is eliminated. We have had fraudulent elections for a very long time.

Thank God we have the majority of the population who are patriots. That's how Trump won in 2016. He lost because of the fraud and all the powers that be stuck together in that fraud.

It is the corruption of all of these things that have caused it. You Patriots out there should consider running for office, any office.

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