This is Dallas, Texas. It is still frozen. What could do this? Weather modification can do this. We have weather modification Stations all over the world. It is called Haarp. Yes it can do this, but why?

Democratic run states like New York and California are losing people by the droves. Millions of people are moving away from those states and are moving to Texas. Whole corporations are moving to Texas.

The Governors of those states and other democrat run states have decimated their own economy. They have purposefully crashed their economy on orders from communist china. So people are fleeing in droves to Texas.

These states are hemorrhaging people by the millions. The Governors had to do something in order to keep people there. So they had Haarp modify the weather to stop people from going there. And stop them it did, for a little while anyway.

This frozen Texas is enough to keep most everyone in those states where the economy is devastated. For right now anywhere is better than Texas. The Dems did it. They prevented the Exodus from their states for now. People are now afraid of Texas. They don't want that bitter cold with no electricity for heat. Their grid system broke down. I just couldn't keep up with the cold.

I wonder what else they will pull to stop people from moving to Texas. The evil that exists.


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