I had a member get angry at me for being too harsh. So did my Officers. But they learned very quickly to not do that action again. That Chief breathing fire in the pic is not me.

If you are upset about what I said, Let me know.

People in a disaster are very good helping others. That is what is so incredible about people in general. But if everyone had have been prepared, none of this would have happened. There is nothing like a big neighborhood fire. where everyone can get warm.

They can heat rocks up to take to bed and keep everyone warm. When we would go camping we would do the same thing and we kept toasty. You can get $1 solar yard lights at the dollar store for light. They last most of the night I would also get at least 10 cases of 24 bottled waters so they can be rationed. If you don't have mms, you can use hydrogen peroxide or boil the water.

The people who did not prepare can quickly outstrip your supply. That is why everyone needs to be prepared.

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